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How do you mobilize your workforce quickly while simultaneously protecting company data and personal privacy on BYOD devices? Good has got you covered!

There is nothing more convenient and productive for an employee than having mobile access to critical corporate email, calendar, contacts, and intranet from their personal mobile devices. At the same time a company's IT department wants to manage the influx of mobile devices and the corporate data on them while meeting user demands for mobile collaboration.

Good for Enterprise enables enterprise grade secure mobile collaboration with secure email, calendar information, contacts details, browser access, task management and document data. It's intuitive, consistent and delivers tailored user interface across multiple devices from Android, iOS to Windows Phone and Windows 8.1 Pro platforms. Mobile workers are enabled to quickly search, read and compose emails, review documents, manage contacts and schedule meetings with colleagues using their preferred device. Good for Enterprise further integrates with Good-secured apps such as Good Share, Good Connect and Good Access to extend deskbased collaboration to mobile devices, increasing user efficiency and productivity outside of the office.

The cross platform flexibility offered by Good contributes to cutting device and carrier costs. Running a bring your own device program reduces the need for company-owned devices and  improves user productivity by providing access to secure collaboration solutions (email, PIM, calendar), intranet, and in-house or third-party mobile apps.

“By 2017, half of employers will require employees to supply their own device for work purposes” - Gartner: “Bring Your Own Device: The Facts and the Future”, David A Willis, April 2013

Good for Enterprise is built on Good’s next-gen containerization, which enables secure data sharing between Good-secured apps as well as app-level encryption independent of the device used. With next-gen containerization, Good for Enterprise protects corporate data—including emails, business contacts, or files downloaded from corporate intranets—on personal unmanaged and managed devices. The data is encrypted and application and data access controls are applied within the secure container. This separates business data from employees’ personal information and delivers consistent security across devices and OS versions. In the event a device is lost or stolen, business data can be wiped or locked without impacting personal data. Protection at the applicationlevel also prevents users from inadvertently leaking corporate data. For example, IT can prevent employees from opening files in unsecured apps, backing up business data to personal cloud-based services, or copying and pasting business content into consumer apps or personal email. Good uses patented end-to-end security that protects corporate data along each phase of delivery to all provisioned devices. Data transmitted over the air, and at rest on devices is secured with industry-leading FIPS-validated AES encryption. There is no need to change firewall settings or set up new inbound connections—all Good servers are deployed behind the firewall with a secure outbound connection using standard port 443. More importantly, Good’s Network Operations Center verifies device compliance before devices are allowed to connect to Good’s inside-the-firewall server.

Data is secured with industry-leading FIPS-validated AES encryption

Good delivers the speed you need to deploy mobile devices quickly and easily with the peace of mind that business data is protected. Easy for IT to implement and manage, the architecture requires only one app on the device, one secure connection to the enterprise and one server. A central, web-based console with integrated mobile device management (MDM) and mobile application management (MAM) gives you full visibility and control across your entire mobile population. You can provision new devices, enforce security policies, and remote wipe enterprise data while leaving personal data intact. Now you can manage mobile connectivity with the flexibility and granular control to support employees, part time workers, and contractors with varying access and security needs across managed and unmanaged devices. And it’s easy to deploy because IT doesn’t have to ask users to install and configure profiles, rather users simply download the single Good app from the iTunes, Google Play or WindowsPhone Store.

Good delivers a complete solution and showcases significant functionality, security and feature advantages over the competition, elaborated in the below table (as of 28/03/2014):



MDM Solution

MDM Edition


Mobile device management

Single collaboration app

·         Email, contacts, calendar, documents and browsing

·         Consistent user experience for iOS, Android and Windows Phone

Open and view secure email attachments in a single app

Expected business friendly features

·         Email sort and filter, multiple attachments, meeting conflict detection, conference call dialing, maps integration, etc.

Secure browsing behind the firewall

·         Full support for enterprise authentication (e.g., Kerberos), internal web proxies, and transparent access without a VPN

Secure app-to-app workflows

·         Data shared between apps is always encrypted

Optional full-featured mobile application management

·         SDK, app wrapping and containerization

·         Consumer-like enterprise app store – brandable, search, categories, user ratings and reviews

·         App distribution to unmanaged devices

Optional cross-platform mobile service management

·         Full monitoring across major mobile platforms (Good, BlackBerry, Exchange ActiveSync, etc.)

·         Rich support capabilities including device lookup, automated diagnostics, embedded knowledge base, and one-click fix

·         Proactive alerting, baselining and analytics for faster problem resolution

IT-friendly architecture

·         Single outbound firewall port, no DMZ additions

·         No expensive bandwidth-consuming or user-frustrating VPNs

Implementing a BYOD program is a stepping-stone towards a broader, more strategic mobility initiative, and a successful mobility deployment can have a truly transformative impact on the business.

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