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Providing your staff, customers and partners with easy access to relevant information is critical to increasing revenue and efficiency across your organization. We focus on helping our customers make their internal processes more efficient by offering solutions for Portals, Document Management, Workflow, Business Process Management and E-mail services.


Office SharePoint Server 2007 helps organizations gain better control and insight over their content, streamline their business processes, and access and share information. In addition, Office SharePoint Server 2007 gives IT professionals the tools they need for server administration along with application extensibility and interoperability.

Office SharePoint Server 2007 provides a single, integrated location where employees can efficiently find organizational resources, access corporate knowledge, and leverage business insight to make better-informed decisions.

Office SharePoint Server 2007 helps you to:

·         Get more out of your information

·         Streamline your business processes

·         Simplify the way people work together

·         Ease server administration, extensibility, and interoperability

For more information about Microsoft Windows® SharePoint Services 3.0, go to the Windows SharePoint Services Technology Guide.


Portals enable your organization to share confidential information with a restricted group of clients or suppliers from a secure platform – called Extranet. Accessed through your web browser this becomes a secure area for you to exchange files too large to email. It can allow your clients, partners the opportunity to monitor or test ongoing progress, reducing the need for travel and creating a greater sense of involvement and collaboration on projects.

Intranets bring your organization closer together by empowering employees to collaborate and easily share information. HS Data builds highly customized Work Portals always responding to our clients’ needs

Document Management

In industries where tremendous amounts of paperwork are part of daily business, inefficiencies as well as poor availability and sharing of crucial information pose serious obstacles in the smooth operation of the company. In such cases, HS Data recommends Document Management Solutions that enables companies to dramatically reduce the amount of paper, automate business processes and, hence, reduce operational costs via improved productivity.

Email Services

Communication in modern businesses has become their main activity. HS Data implements Microsoft Exchange server which is the most popular messaging and collaboration server in the world and enables organizations to operate through Exchange centralized storage, the environment on the remote server that allows access to information at any time, from anywhere. Microsoft Exchange Server is the Microsoft messaging and collaboration server designed to help your organisation communicate more effectively.
Workflow Solutions

Workflow is a series of activities containing tasks that are routed to participants based upon rules. Workflows typically require both people and systems. K2 is a platform on which users can easily assemble and execute Microsoft-based workflow applications. HS Data is using the K2 platform for adding powerful workflow capability to the Microsoft SharePoint solution 


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