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Geographic Information Systems

One of our advanced specialized solutions is that of Geographic Information System (GIS) by ESRI. Our solution focuses on digital mapping aiming always the creation and consolidation of intelligent Georeferenced Data. HS Data delivers sophisticated, highly integrated computationally enhanced Software Packages as well as the necessary Hardware Infrastructure Systems for the successful consolidation and distribution of Georeferenced Data and provides support and maintenance of all our implemented systems. Along with our partner MDS (Marathon Data Systems) we provide total solutions to cover every aspect of a Geographic Information System (GIS).

Our solutions include the following systems and services:

Consulting - Provision of Consulting services through experienced Consultants to help organisations build their GIS strategy
Requirements Analysis - Provision of requirements analysis definition services to examine in detail the various GIS needs in order to propose the right solution
Hardware and Software Infrastructure - Provision of all necessary hardware like servers, PCs, printers, scanners, plotters from HP and IBM, operating systems software like (Windows, Unix, Linux) and databases like SQL and Oracle required to host the solution
Applications - Provision of ESRI applications through MDS e.g. ArcInfo, ArcIMS, ArcSDE and other specialised applications
Implementation - Provision of implementation services, installation services, customization services, project management and training required for a successful solution implementation
Support and Maintenance - Provision of post implementation support and maintenance services
Training - Provision of training based on ESRI’s training curriculum and on project requirements.
Other services - Provision of other services like customization, data migration and integration with existing systems like SAP and more.

HS Data Ltd is committed to providing total GIS solutions utilising proven systems and services that offer value to your organisation.

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