Anti Money Laundering, Fraud Mitigation and Compliance Solutions

Complying with financial crime laws and satisfying the requirements of federal agencies can be complicated and time-consuming. AML Manager from Fiserv simplifies the compliance process, saving time and giving you peace of mind.

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 AML Manager

This best-in-class anti-money laundering solution covers a complete range of compliance processes and practices, providing a fully integrated, time-saving solution to meet all the compliance and risk management needs of your financial institution.

AML Manager combines technologically advanced features and a user-friendly, data-rich interface with powerful prevention and detailed tracking tools. It makes investigation of suspicious activity simpler and more effective. Based on behavioral profiling and peer group analysis and rules, the intelligent transaction monitoring in AML Manager uncovers only those alerts with the highest degree of risk, which significantly minimizes the number of false positives.

The easy-to-use investigation interface in AML Manager, with advanced drilldown and link analysis, makes it easy to uncover suspicious networks and associations. The interface supports profile investigation capabilities, such as peer-group comparison. Trends are displayed in graphs that make it easy to zoom in on a specific time interval.

AML Manager also includes an end-to-end best-practice workflow that users can tailor to their own specifications. With the built-in configuration utility, it’s easy to customize checklists, automated alert assignments, routing and more.

Finally, a built-in case management system tracks, prioritizes and manages suspicious cases, automates reporting, and records an audit trail with complete case history and a detailed log of all actions taken and reports filed.


  • Full integration: AML Manager imports data from your bank platform, then organizes the monitoring, investigating and reporting of suspicious activities into a simple, four-step process
  • Pertinent alerts: The solution monitors all customer and account data, as well as OFAC and other watch lists, delivering accurate, prioritized alerts directly to your desktop
  • Easy investigation: The user-friendly, data-rich environment of AML Manager speeds investigation, revealing suspicious networks and associations with advanced drilldown and link-analysis tools
  • Efficient tracking: AML Manager streamlines workflow and regulatory processes from start to finish with a built-in case management system designed to track, prioritize and manage suspicious cases
  • Comprehensive reporting: You can generate a variety of required reports in AML Manager, including suspicious activity reports (SARs), currency transaction reports (CTRs) and management reports, and the system maintains an audit trail for regulatory review

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