Aperta Payment Processing

The revolution within the payments landscape, away from legacy paper based to electronic and image-based payments solutions, along with the increasing demand for more efficiency has allowed Aperta to provide creative, cost reducing solutions, together with new revenue bearing services.

Aperta offers a fully integrated payment solutions designed to meet your current needs and provide a secure basis for building your future payments strategy. The solutions cover:
•Clearing and settlement
•ACH and Electronic Funds Transfer
•Image-enabled cheque processing; Branch, Corporate Capture, Home Deposit, and Truncation
•Remittance and Lockbox

Active Cheque Processing

The Aperta Active Image application suite provides an established, fully featured, cheque processing solution for commercial banks, Credit Unions, and Business Process Outsourcers.


  • Mature, fully-featured applications that are regularly reviewed and, where appropriate, refined to meet evolving requirements. Use of state-of-the-art document imaging technology to reduce the labor required to capture, correct, balance, and otherwise process cheques and other financial instruments.
  • Compatible with a number of transports including those from Burroughs, NCR, Panini, Digital Check and Canon.
  • Customizable via parameterization.
  • Includes components for teller, branch, merchant and consumer capture in addition to regional or centralized processing.
  • Compliant with national and international truncation standards
  • Browser access to incoming or exception items to allow branches to easily access images and item details and make pay/no pay decisions. Rejected items can be identified for return as paper items, in electronic cash letters, or both.
  • Courtesy Amount Read (CAR), Legal Amount Read (LAR), and Intelligent Character Recognition (ICR) provide automatic data capture.
  • Payment archive provides long-term storage of processed item data and associated images.
  • Scalable solution that processes from a few items per day to in excess of one million items per day.

Active Branch Capture

Remote capture at the teller window or branch back office is a key part of the modern workflow. This allows transaction images and data to be captured, transferred to the processing centre, and completed within seconds of them being deposited.

During capture, image quality is assured against predefined criteria; the code line is verified for correctness and completeness and checked for potential fraud. Images of suspect items can be marked to be visually checked, if required.

At the central site the work is imported for data-completion. The data-completion is done using the comprehensive facilities of AiDPS and may be done by an operator, from image, when automatic processes are unsuccessful. Centralized monitoring of the work in progress is provided to allow optimal processing in order to meet deadlines and Support Level Agreements (SLAs).


  • The Aperta solutions support a wide range of document transports including Burroughs, Canon, Digital Check, and Panini. They also support full page scanners from vendors such as Kodak, Canon, and Fujitsu.
  • Simple capture functionality, with local control of work in progress.
  • Audit information provides a log of all operations.
  • Delinquent items that fail image quality checking are rejected at the point of capture for local resolution, recapture, or manual disposition.
  • Centralized monitoring of branch status and incoming work is provided.
  • Where encoding remains a requirement, this may be done regionally, or centrally, as appropriate.

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