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Kofax Signature Verification and Fraud Prevention

The Softpro Group, founded in 1983 and now a Kofax company, develops solutions for digital capture, management and verification of signatures. Softpro solutions have proven to lower daily costs, accelerate business processes, eliminate errors, and protect documents against manipulation.

Cheques, contracts, agreements ... many of them carry signatures to proof an intent, whether on captured on paper or as part of electronic files.

SOFTPRO delivers turn-key solutions to validate signatures since 1987.

Business lines with horizontal and vertical focus

Developing and supporting tools, products and services are divided in two business sections with a different focus:

  • "eSign Workflow Solutions (eSWS)" -with a cross-industry perspective
  • "Fraud Prevention Solutions (FPS)" - with particular industry expertise in banking transactions and voting processes.

The two business segments are adressed in SOFTPROs market communication primarily with the shorter terms:

E-Signing: Major buzz term for Electronic Signatures
Signature Verification: Core component of the Fraud Prevention Solution Suite

E-Signing - Electronic Signature Workflow Solutions (eSWS)

The section "eSign Workflow" caters for organizations primarily aiming to get rid of paper when capturing handwritten signatures. their goals often include to install an environmentally friendly signing process which supports "Green IT" initiatives or contributes to Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) programs.

 Most SOFTPRO customers sign based on the E-Signature platform "SignDoc Web" which supports a broad array of signature capturing devices: from pen pads, to signature tablets, kiosk systems to iPads, tablets running on Android and Tablet PCs running on Windows.

 SOFTPRO provides desktop clients, apps and plug-ins which also allow capturing and verifying biometric signature data of time, location and levels of writing pressure. The German Technical Inspection Group (TÜV Saarland) confirms the secure and convenient use of SOFTPRO signature client SignDoc Desktop and SignDoc Mobile App as well as the signing platform SignDoc Web. Many system integrators have integrated the electronic signing process based on SOFTPRO’s Software Development Kits SignWare SDK and SignDoc SDK.

Signature Verification - Fraud Prevention Solutions (FPS)

The section "Fraud Prevention Solutions" serves customers protecting their processes from fraud attempts primarily based on fraudulent signatures. This business division primarily assists financial institutions around the world in securing their payment transactions based on checks and giro documents with its SignPlus solution package.

 In 1987 banks started to compare signatures on screen using a sophisticated signature database (SignBase). In 1994 SOFTPRO customers pioneered the automatic verification of signature images (SignCheck) allowing them to concentrate on suspicious items. The automatic signature verification is also used in the United Kingdom to detect fraud attempts in the postal voting processes. 

In recent years SOFTPRO has complemented the solution suite for banks with additional fraud verification engines provided by technology partners to detect other ways of fraud attempts too such as alternations of date, payee, amount or manipulation of the Magnetic Ink Character Recognition (MICR) line.

 A popular tool created by SOFTPRO to summarize all these fraud prevention methods is the scoring component “Combined Risk Score” (CRS) which allows customers to focus on suspicious items with highest efficiency. 

These solutions were developed and enhanced based on the expertise of forensic handwriting analysts. SOFTPRO's Automatic Signature Verification mimics a basic examination by a skilled team of highly specialized experts in that field. As an automaton it creates reproducible results, unaffected by a human's momentary disposition.

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