Interworks cloud platform

Interworks solutions can be deployed in just a few days and enables you to deliver Amazon-like marketplaces of Cloud Services to your customers.

The Interworks Cloud Platform is one of the few platforms geared towards intermediating SaaS, PaaS and IaaS cloud services. The platform includes a CRM system for customer tracking, business intelligence for performing analysis of usage within the system, a billing module and a Storefront, empowering partners in such a way so that they not only deliver but also successfully sell these services . In addition the platform's third-party integration capability allows working with different provisioning platforms, which offers the CSB flexibility in either providing its own or  using a third party IaaS provider.

The platform's offerings aim for Telcos, Managed Services Providers,  IT Distributors, IT and Cloud Service Providers who want to deliver cloud services to their customers and resellers. Interworks provides a cloud services delivery and brokerage platform that enables you to launch Cloud Services Marketplaces and enables your customers find, buy and manage Cloud Services from your Cloud and any Cloud.

Interworks Cloud Platform's driving principle is to offer enterprise class services to end customers and resellers. Service providers are able to create demand generation and revenue by showcasing their services in Interworks Storefront, as well as allowing their end customers and resellers to try, buy and manage them through a single sign on environment.

The platform's offerings:

  • Cloud servers. Scalable, manageable IaaS, VMs configured by the customer.
  • Cloud data centers. Online managed resources, on demand scalability.
  • Cloud desktop and Apps. Citrix Cloud Portal Service integration for easily offering Xen Desktops and related applications.
  • Hosted Exchange. Provision Hosted Exchange plans that are managed by the end customer IT administrator.
  • SharePoint - Lync. Hosted collaboration solutions with SharePoint and hosted unified communucations with Lync.
  • ... Anything as a Service. Develop you own custom applications, or services and offer them as a Service on the cloud.

Integrity and confidentiality of our customers' information are vital to their business operations.

Built on .NET Framework and backed by MS SQL Server for data storage. The platform’s APIs are exposed through SOAP Web Services, allowing APIs to be used by a variety of software platforms and be called from every programming language that supports SOAP web-service protocol. This approach ensures that service providers and system integrators have the option to integrate with any other solution or service regardless of the underlined technology.

The Security Architecture behind Interworks Cloud Platform utilizes the most advanced technology for internet and data security available today. It provides mechanisms that enable module-level and record-level access for all system entities, including Data Encryption and Threads Elimination and Module & Record Level Security.

Interworks Cloud Platform is bridging the gap between OSS and BSS providing a turn key solution for the management of Cloud Services. It incorporates a CRM, Billing and Storefront functionality and  a provisioning system. It can also be integrated with multiple provisioning platforms. This tight integration provides a unique user experience and facilitates all business operations.

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