Customer Experience and Customer Journey Management

Qmatic leads the way in maximizing face-to-face customer touch point opportunities. Qmatic's solutions integrate the virtual/on-line and the real world, to help generate a seamless customer experience. With leading positions in Finance, Retail, Healthcare and Public sectors, Qmatic offers a global footprint, operating in over 120 countries through subsidiaries and partner network.

Most organizations focus on improving their systems and becoming more efficient when serving their clients. However there is one key ingredient that will add value to your clients' visits and elevate your organization's customer service. That ingredient is Customer Experience Management.

Qmatic offers you the opportunity to create a service that will engage your customers. After more than 30 years' experience in the field, we know what really works and what positive results you can achieve by offering outstanding customer experiences.

Thanks to its global organization, technology and market leading solutions, Qmatic can help you with international roll-outs, be it small or large projects anywhere in the world.

Customer Experience

Qmatic offers market leading solutions within the Customer Experience Management (CEM) category designed to support great face-to-face experiences in your store, branch or hospital. Qmatic also offers innovative, efficient and secure integration gateways to other ecosystems to enable you to deliver seamless customer journeys.

Would you like to deliver excellent experiences, improve your service, grow your business, increase revenue and acquire new customers, while selling more products to current customers? Qmatic has been in the Customer Experience business long enough to help you take your services to the next level.

  • Experience. The world's largest supplier of Customer Experience Management solutions for the face-to-face meeting.
  • Knowledge. Providing the glue between the online and physical world to allow you to provide seamless and personalized customer journeys.
  • Wide range. Providing a full range of products all the way up to large scale enterprise solutions spanning many branches and countries.
  • Flexibility. Offering solutions on-premise, off-premise, mobile or cloud based.

Customer Flow Management

Customer Flow Management links the service points together, helping managers understand the dynamics of the customer's visit and ultimately the customer's experience. It stresses the importance of planning and monitoring the customer's entire visit, also capturing data and information at each point of contact with a member of staff or self-service point to manage operation and drive efficiency.

30 years of knowledge and experience were used to create Qmatic's six-step methodology. The six steps of CFM cover the entire customer journey and every step is the key to ensuring a faster and better service process and business benefits for all kinds of organizations.

The Customer Flow Management methodology is central when developing a customer service process. With this approach, it is possible to design solutions that maximize the benefits for the service provider with great results. Whether you have a small location or a wide network of branches, Customer Flow Management will deliver great benefits. There are benefits to be gained in customer experience, productivity, staff efficiency and increasing sales.

Qmatic Software

Based on your own aspiration you can select any of Qmatic's software solutions. Start with a Solo solution to get you going or if you have advanced need select the modern enterprise CEM platform Orchestra.

Orchestra uses open and preferred enterprise tools, favoured industry standards and leading-edge conventions to create a product that is outstanding not in the field of CEM but amongst all enterprise back office solutions.

Qmatic's range is flexible and scalable meaning that you will be able to re-use previous investments when the system is expanded.


Giving your customers clear direction for a long time to come. Hesitation and confusion is a waste of time for everybody. By providing clear direction, Notes helps speed up the flow and gives customers confidence that they are moving in the right direction.

Qmatic's way-finding displays are flexible, cost effective and designed and manufactured to last the lifetime of your situation.

Vision and Sound

Speed the process and give certainty. Call customers with a polite voice in any language. People can get distracted while waiting to be served. Perhaps they are looking at merchandise or messages, for example.

Voice & sound products with real voice prompt that allows you to politely call your customers and speed up the process.

Cinematic Media Player

Every organisation wants to get its message across. The challenge is to do it in a way that engages the audience. That means delivering useful, helpful and engaging content. Qmatic's media player Cinematic allows you to do exactly this and, because you can combine your content with service information, you know your content is being looked at. Simply put, everybody benefits.

Self Service Kiosks

Manage your first physical customer touch point with self service kiosks from Qmatic.

Empower your customers with tools that allow them to choose between services, check-in for appointments, find the way or simply to take a ticket to a queue.

  • Purpose-built for environments with extensive usage. A Qmatic self service kiosk is designed to do its job for you for a long period of time.
  • A unique selection of touch screens or screens with buttons.
  • Choose or combine the kiosks that suit your operations and premises, the coherent design allows for having a mix of kiosks, all working together.
  • Fully flexible to work with any Qmatic system, meaning that upgrades to new systems can be made without any investment loss.

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