Automated Border/Airport Control solutions

Automated Border Control

Automated Border Control Systems can massively reduce the security-related workload of border control agencies. secunet easygate performs thorough checks of the authenticity of the identification document by both optical and electronic means. The software scans in the electronic facial image of the traveller and compares the biometric data against the traveller’s live image. Border control enforcement officers can monitor the process and focus on those travellers for whom more extensive checks are necessary.

Airports benefit from the automation of another step in the passenger process without having to modify the existing infrastructure. Passenger processing becomes much more efficient, which achieves higher passenger processing rates – a decisive advantage in the face of international competition.

Travellers in possession of an electronic ID document will enjoy being able to pass through much more quickly. It takes no time at all for them to be processed through the secunet easygate and across the national border, something they can do intuitively and independently. For these travellers, queueing is a thing of the past.

easy going with easygate

Each day, holders of ePassports discover just how secure and user-friendly automated border controls can be at Germany’s busiest airports, where “eGates” have been providing assistance to the traditional border control process since 2014. As part of project EasyPASS, secunet has been contracted by Germany's Federal Ministry of the Interior to handle the general roll-out of Automated Border Control Systems to German airports for the German Federal Police.

secunet easygate distinguishes itself thanks to its:

  • Optimum security
  • Thorough inspection of optical and electronic security features
  • Highly secure biometric comparison
  • Online retrieval of criminal background checks
  • Reliable likeness and spoofing detection
  • Flexible modularity of all technical components thanks to open and standard-compliant architecture based on secunet biomiddle
  • Easy integration into existing infrastructures
  • Quick and intuitive handling by the passengers themselves
  • Security and reliability of the system, certified by the German Federal Office for Information Security

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