Secure Communications for Governments

If you’re looking for the right response to recent spying affairs and wire-tapping scandals, you’ve come to the right place. German and international governments, along with companies both great and small, have put their faith in our security solutions, our experience and our know-how. We owe our success to one simple factor: putting the user first. A truly secure mobile phone is one that offers both usability and simplicity. That is encryption “Made in Germany”. That’s Secusmart security.

SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 is the first security solution to fulfil the German government’s requirements for a highly secure eavesdropping protection system for smartphones. It protects voice communications, text messages, mobile emails and personal information managers (PIM) containing calendar entries and contacts from electronic eavesdropping. SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 is the only solution for encrypting calls and data to have been provisionally approved by the German Federal Office for Information Security (BSI) at the VS-NfD (classified – for official use only) security level. The high-security solution is available on all latest generation BlackBerry smartphones.

Secusmart has been supplying German government agencies with SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 since 2013. In 2014, the Federal Security Network was extended beyond SecuSUITE for BlackBerry 10 to include eavesdropping protection solutions for telephone switchboards (SecuGATE LV) and teleconferences (SecuBRIDGE) as well as secure desk telephones.

The German government was the first to recognise the importance of tap-proof communications. Today, governments around the world have placed their trust in Secusmart’s security solutions.

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