Time Attendance System

TAMA is a custom-made browser-based Time Attendance system that receives data from card readers and through manipulation of data provides information concerning employee leaves as well as work schemes assigned to departments or individual employees, provides detailed reporting to the managers of each department of the organization, in order to ensure Time Management.

The system can communicate with existing EHR applications to retrieve relevant employee information, and provides means to customize the levels of accessibility of individual employees or of groups of employees by means of roles.

T.A.MA. has been developed using Microsoft's .Net architecture, using the ASP.NET platform and written in 'C#' programming language, utilizing Microsoft SQL Server for data management and Microsoft SQL Reporting Services for reporting. It has been developed in such a way that it is highly customizable and versatile, fitting not only the current needs of an organization, but also future requirements.

T.A.MA. is a proven system, tested in organisations with over 1700 employees

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