Thales e-Security and Data Protection

Thales is a global technology leader for the Aerospace, Defense, Security and Transportation Markets. With world-class technologies and the combined expertise of 68,000 employees in 56 locally-based country operations, Thales is a key player in assuring the security of citizens, infrastructures and nations. Thales operates as a single organization, sharing advanced technologies and drawing on complementary capabilities to meet the specific requirements of each customer.


Thales e-Security is a leading global  provider of information security providing data encryption solutions to  the financial services, manufacturing,  government and technology sectors. With a 40-year unrivalled track record  of protecting corporate and government information, Thales solutions protect our customers’ most sensitive data and are used by four of the five largest energy and aerospace companies, government networks around the world, and to secure more than 80 percent of worldwide payment transactions.

Why Thales?

Our solutions increase data security while reducing the scope, cost, and complexity  associated with enterprise-wide adoption of encryption and key management best practices. As a result, our customers have greater operational control and more efficient enforcement of security policies across organizations,  locations and applications

Thales e-Security has offices in Japan,  Hong Kong, the United Kingdom and  the United States and is represented  in over 90 countries around the world. In Cyprus, Thales is represented by HS Data.


High performance, best-in-class, certified security. Designed to keep data secure regardless of its location – regardless of the threat. Thales enables the implementation of strong encryption, key management and authentication  solutions for enterprise, government  and financial services entities. Our latest generation of hardware security modules (HSMs) can be used  to complement a host of business applications and other elements of critical infrastructure. What’s more,  they are the first to span all common deployment scenarios from portable USB-connected devices to high-performance data center appliances.

Thales network encryption technology solutions protect networks with the strongest cryptography available today without impacting network performance. Thales key management systems remove the risk of losing keys and reduce operational costs for data storage products and encryption devices. Looking beyond the need for data confidentiality our digital signature and timestamping technologies ensure the integrity of your business critical documents, transaction data and identity credentials.

Thales Collectively these technologies ease your path to compliance and finally bring risk under control. With a proven track record of success around the world,  you can trust your sensitive data – in use, at rest, in motion –  to Thales and the most advanced encryption technology in the market.

Thales Business Solutions

Thales encryption and secure identity technology leads the market, but we provide more value than that. Thales is also your trusted business partner. As such, we work closely with commercial application developers, provide tools for in-house software teams and offer custom development services to maximize innovation and deliver complete solutions  with your unique business goals clearly in mind.

Public and private entities around the world and in a host of industry sectors rely on Thales to secure their sensitive transactions, data and networks. The world’s financial giants depend on our comprehensive solutions for secure online banking, trading payments and PIN processing. Global manufacturers use the power  of Thales HSMs to win the battle against intellectual property theft  and product counterfeiting.  The trusted security of Thales  encryption and strong authentication  technologies supports your business goals no matter where you need to keep data secure –  in applications, databases, storage systems, networks or in a cloud computing environment. Most importantly, Thales solutions make it easier and more cost effective to achieve compliance with the strictest security standards and data protection laws.


Protect data in use with Thales nShield Hardware Security Modules (HSMs). Highly secure, our HSMs protect the keys and applications that underlie your critical security processes – from the data center to the desktop. They feature sophisticated key management capabilities to tightly control the use and administration of keys – all within a certified tamper-resistant environment for security you can trust, end-to-end, even in hostile environments.

nShield Connect – A high- performance, networked HSM providing secure cryptographic services across the data center to support and protect critical applications such as public key infrastructures (PKIs), database encryption and a host of web portal  and data processing applications.

nShield Solo – An embedded HSM,  provided as a PCI or PCIe card, to deliver dedicated cryptographic processing and key management capabilities for application servers, SSL web servers and security appliances.

nShield Edge – A revolutionary, portable, USB-attached HSM providing a convenient form factor for offline root CAs, developer code signing, strong authentication/authorization and remote HSM management.

Time Stamp Server – A secure signing appliance for assuring data and document integrity and creating trusted digital records – financial transactions, legal documents, lottery records, notarizations, audit logs and more.


Thales provides nShield HSMs to support a host of commercial identity management products that enable the provisioning and use of multiple strong authentication mechanisms, including one time password tokens, smart cards, PKI credentials and SMS messaging. By spanning multiple authentication and credential management technologies, Thales enables its customers to adopt security best practices in the context of a wide variety of identity management deployments.

nShield HSMs

The use of hardware security modules is a widely recognized best practice for organizations deploying identity management systems, particularly those that involve authentication mechanisms that are stronger than traditional passwords.  As stronger authentication techniques are employed the relative security of the systems used for issuing, managing and authenticating those credentials must be similarly increased.
Technologies such as PKI and smart card provisioning systems rely heavily on cryptography  and benefit greatly from hardware grade, certified protection for key generation and digital signing processes. Thales has long- standing technology partnerships with all the leading players in the identity management market to give customers the option of maximizing security and better managing risk.


Protect data in motion with Thales Datacryptor, a high-speed network encryption solution that secures  data traversing networks – between  data centers, to disaster recovery sites, or anywhere you exchange sensitive data.

Datacryptor – Available as point- to-point Layer 1 and multipoint Layer 2 and Layer 3 encryptors,  Datacryptor secures data with the strongest commercially available algorithms. Layer 2 models are specifically designed to meet the high security, high availability demands of lower-cost, higher- bandwidth Carrier Ethernet and MPLS environments. It maximizes network efficiency for 100MB, 1GB, and 10GB Ethernet, as well as for a full range of SONET/SDH networks. Thales Datacryptor is compatible with most routers and switches on the market today and can encrypt data that is sent native or compressed.


Thales payShield solutions secure retail and financial institutions, as well as some of the world’s busiest clearing, settlement and stock exchange systems. Our payment HSMs integrate with all of the widely  used electronic payment and  transaction processing applications.

payShield 9000 – The latest generation of the world’s first HSM specifically designed to provide  cryptographic security for card-based  ATM or POS payment transactions.  payShield 9000 meets FIPS 140-2 Level 3 and the latest PCI HSM standards for both issuing and processing all types of magnetic stripe and chip cards (EMV).

Remote HSM Manager – Reduce  the cost and complexity of managing  a dispersed estate of HSMs from a single central location.

Security Resource Manager – Manage and control multiple Thales payment HSMs to optimize resilience and resource utilization. Designed specifically to support IBM mainframe and Tandem transaction processing platforms.

payShield for Cardholder Authentication for nShield –  An option pack to enable cardholder  authentication on nShield HSMs for authenticating and authorizing “card not present” transactions as part of eCommerce and home banking applications.


Thales keyAuthority – This high performance, enterprise-class,  security-hardened appliance manages encryption keys on behalf of multiple classes of encryption devices including leading storage devices that include native  encryption capabilities. The solution  offers a vendor neutral approach to unifying mixed environments supporting key management industry standards. keyAuthority provides a ready-to-use, turnkey system that reduces the risk  of losing keys, enforces key  management policies to demonstrate  compliance, and automates many of the complex, costly and time consuming tasks of managing the complete key lifecycle. The bottom line: keyAuthority saves time and lowers total cost of ownership while  eliminating the need to maintain  multiple key management systems.

Your data is at risk – in use,  at rest, and in motion – every day.  Thales solutions can be your best 
defense by rendering your data useless if compromised and ensuring  that your critical infrastructure is properly protected.
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