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How to empower your employees to work from home or away from the office, without sacrificing productivity or security?

Working from home or “Remote Working” is not a new concept and is in fact presently functional in numerous countries and various organizations around the world. The necessity for remote working has arrived from various factors over the years and with the right tools, employees can be just as productive from their home, as they would be at their office.

Organizations that did not contemplate this work style for their own reasons, are now being enforced to do so, as a result of the most recent temporary health and safety measures currently enforced country by country globally.

Organizations that have adopted this work style for all or some of employees, ensure to equip them with the right communication and collaboration tools through a secure infrastructure so they can be just as productive if not more, as they would be working from their office, with proven track records of success.

Our solutions can help your organization realize and enable a fully productive and efficient workplace from home or away from the office, on either company or BYOD devices, in a secure, monitored and highly collaborative centrally controlled infrastructure and environment.

How can I enable my employees to work remotely?

With the right Communication, Collaboration and Productivity tools – Stay Connected, Stay Productive

Microsoft SharePoint ensures that your organization documents (Sales, Marketing, Financial, Logistics, Compliance, Trainings, HR etc.) are stored digitally & securely in a centralized location, with selective or full access to resources at any time, essentially providing to your organization an intelligent, highly customizable intranet site. Resources can easily search and collaborate simultaneously and remotely on any document at any time of the day.

Microsoft Teams ensures that your resources have all the tools they need to communicate via HD video or audio meetings, group or one to one calls, collaborate simultaneously on documents and communicate with customers or external resources such as partners effortlessly. Native integration with Microsoft Office applications such as Outlook, enable “one click” meeting scheduling, as well as faster sharing and seamless collaboration on documents.

DocuSign provides a robust electronic signature solution, which allows any document to be electronically signed, either for external (Sales proposals, trade agreements, NDAs etc.) or internal purposes (New hires forms, application forms, financial forms etc). Being the most trusted eSignature provider in the world, DocuSign eliminates the cycle of “print, sign, scan, fax” and offers a secure, faster and paperless way of signing documents.

We are here to help you overcome the complications.


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