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Leading fraud and compliance solutions from Fiserv deliver superior risk protection against a wide array of financial crimes including check and electronic payment fraud, money laundering, sanctions violations and tax evasion. The award-winning financial crime risk management platform from Fiserv gives you a holistic view across financial crime types, locations, business units, products and channels.

Today's criminals are sophisticated. They choose the most lucrative channels to commit their crimes and they often have the upper hand as many legacy fraud detection solutions take a single-focus approach. To provide an adequate defense, organizations need a platform to combine intelligence from multiple risk silos, thus improving efficiency and competitive advantage. Fiserv can help.

More than 1,200 organizations across 70 countries worldwide use financial crime risk management software from Fiserv. It's highly effective, efficient and adaptive to uncover even the most sophisticated crime schemes.

Our Solution
As one of the most robust AML software solutions available, AML Risk Manager offers an adaptive approach to mitigate suspicious activity surrounding potential money laundering.

Organizations can screen, risk-rate and collect KYC on all clients and manage risk through ongoing monitoring and due diligence. Advanced analytics minimize false positives and prioritize alerts, enhancing operational efficiencies.

AML Risk Manager offers step-by-step alert management and investigation, built-in case management and configurable workflows to improve business efficiency.

What Does AML Software Offer?
AML Risk Manager delivers the robust capabilities needed to reduce risk and advance your AML risk management program.

  • Watch List Filtering/OFAC

  • AML behavioral and risk monitoring

  • Risk-based due diligence/KYC/beneficial ownership

  • Real-time interdiction

  • Alerts and case management

  • Automated regulatory filing, such as FinCEN e-Filing, FINTRAC and more

  • Regulatory reporting including FATCA/CRS and SARS/STR

The threat of money laundering is costing organizations more than ever in time, money and resources. But expert help is available with AML Risk Manager.

Our financial crime risk management solutions help you:

  • Improve risk protection

  • Streamline fraud and AML compliance

  • Reduce operational costs

  • Enhance investigation efficiency

  • Implement a risk-based approach to suspicious activity detection

  • Meet regulatory requirements

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