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A unique all-in-one solution for effective student information management

Classter is a robust single-platform, an innovative and effective student and learning management solution design to offer a holistic approach to education. This all-in-one student information management system can be used by any educational institution, from K-12 schools to colleges, universities, academies and vocational schools covering the entire management needs of every educational institution. Accessible via web or mobile, Classter incorporates best practices into processes impacting school culture and mindset positively. 

Classter is a flexible, customizable and functional rich management system, based on ready-made templates, while it provides a reliable solution based on MS Azure. The software is best suited for large-scale institutes and organizations with hundreds of thousands of students. Nevertheless, Classter is also a practical solution for small academies and schools providing a downsized version that comes up with a simple configuration. Additionally, Classter promotes the open school idea, allowing all users in the school ecosystem to establish reliable communication and collaboration channels via offering collaboration tools.

This unified solution offers a wide range of features for effective administration and student management. Classter enables setting up central management of multiple institutes or academies, while each institute can have its dynamically defined terminology and structure. Additionally, the system supports a user-friendly school registration and student enrollment process, while all student and family information along with documents are stored electronically within the student’s portfolio. Moreover, the software supports timetable creation and management, year-to-year transfers, massive exports and is fully integrated with Microsoft Office 365, Moodle, BI tools, MS One Note and WebEx.

Classter offers advanced homework and classroom management by providing teachers the opportunity to upload detailed tasks, homework or lesson plans supporting more effectively their students. In addition, Classter is a valuable tool for effective behavior management allowing effective behavior management, while the wide variety of badges and behavior marks promote student engagement and motivation. An advanced attendance system records student’s attendance, while automated SMS and emails informed student’s parents. Another valuable feature is Classter’s grading system, calculating grades for each semester, term, a year or multiple academic years. Furthermore, Classter’s registration management system can cover any institute’s needs from first-year applicants to alumni. Classter allows you to control admissions and registrations effectively, making candidate management an easy process. Manage your candidates, documentation, admission checklist, applications, and enrollments, while Classter CRM features allow you to manage the relationship between your institution and the Alumni, establishing a robust, prosperous and life-long communication network with your graduates. In addition, the advanced admissions and analysis feature can not only provide institutes with comprehensive information and reporting regarding the registration progress, but also foster the selection of high-quality students.

Another essential feature is Classter event management, allowing institutes to schedule and manage events and meetings quickly and easily either online or offline that are automatically uploaded to the central school calendar but also on user’s personal calendars. Moreover, when an event is taking place, the system enables attendance registration ensuring the success of your event. In addition, the system provides online meetings booking system, allowing students, teachers, and parents to arrange their meeting while setting various parameters.

Improve the quality of your financial solutions to serve your clients better using Classter payment management system. Get a full overview of your payment plan during the academic year and manage your payments using a flexible and user-friendly system. Use Classter to set up your pricing policies and strategies and calculate your clients’ bill accurately. Additionally, automate the billing process to inform your clients about their payments.

Classter student information management system, is also integrated with a full transportation management system that deals with school transport set-up operations are ensuring the safe and timely transportation of students to and from school. The system provides you the ability to manage your student’s transportation as the management tool easily is integrated with Google maps, allowing you to create detailed multiple bus routes easily. What is more, Classter’s bus management system is designed to simplify the management of your bus fleet, routes, and student transportation. Additionally, student’s attendance can be easily monitored, and in case of absence, the system is automatically been informed. Classter also supports Library Management, allowing to manage your library via a comfortable and friendly in use system.

Classter is a dynamic tool that is continuously updating its features to meet the needs of its clients. Our achievements so far indicate our efficiency and continuous determination to serve our clients in a much better way and help them run their organization with maximum efficiency.

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