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Your Digital Transformation starts with Fastflow

As we have reached an era of digitalization, businesses need to grow accordingly and meet their customers’ demands.  In order for businesses to be transformed, they must go through a digital journey focusing on their needs, developing new ideas, defining effective strategies and designing high quality and scalable solutions.

Fastflow is a solution created by H.S. Data that automates the internal procedures by leveraging the power of Microsoft SharePoint, ASP.NET and JavaScript. It is an enhanced environment that enables users to access the system via a Dashboard, which will act as the main gateway. Users are able to interact with the automated electronic processes through responsive and mobile friendly forms. It is a very valuable solution having in mind that all successful businesses will be 100% digital in the near future. The features in the system involve Web User Interface, Dashboard, Workflow Forms, Workflow/Services, Application Backend and Integration channel.


Web User Interface

A fully responsive and user-friendly web user interface provides an enhanced user experience by using the latest technologies. We are using HTML5, JavaScript, Bootstrap and CSS3 in order to create a fluid, responsive and mobile friendly Web application, without constant page reloads.


The dashboard is the gateway for accessing and managing the system. It acts as the presentation layer by merging all necessary information to a single landing page. Some of the modules included are:

Initiate new process

Manage existing process

Track existing process

Approve/Reject a process

Access Reports and KPIs

Manage notifications

Manage maintenance tables

Workflow Forms

The workflow forms enable users to interact with the automated electronic process. The users are able to initiate, manage and approve a process through a rich web user-interface experience as shown below.


In conjunction with the Workflow Forms, the workflow services are responsible for the orchestration of the application logic by following the business flow of the streamlined process. The workflow services will be hosted and act as web service endpoints. Hence, the workflow forms are able to interact with SharePoint and External Systems through these services.

Application Backend

We are using the rich content management and collaboration capabilities of O365 SharePoint Online, which acts as the backend of the system by hosting all the information needed. However, relational databases hosted on Microsoft Azure may be used if relational database capabilities are needed.

Integration channel

​The integration channel is acting as a bridge, which allows various line of business systems to exchange information with the system.


For each company, Digital transformation is an idiosyncratic path. Trying to pinpoint a way that applies to all organisations seems to be an impossible task. However, we define digital transformation as the integration of technology into all areas of a business resulting in fundamental changes on how businesses operate and how they deliver value and optimised experience to the users as well as to the customers. 

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